Number One by Davis Morton

NUMBER ONE / 1992 / oil on canvas / 18" x 24"... Read a painting comment below...

      If the ball is always landing somewhere else, no one can remain "Number One" forever or even for very long.  Still, I'd like to think that I can be the best at whatever I choose to do, and it seems that desire can also be an obstacle that can keep me from the ball.
     If I really want to be the best at anything, I must focus all of my attention on what I’m doing. Thinking about my image or comparing myself to other people, will only squander my concentration.  So the paradox about being “Number One” is that if I don’t care about being “Number One,"  I might be “Number One” more often.  In pursuing this contradiction, it seems that doing my best, rather than being the best, is the only pleasure that should ever be enjoyed.